Seed Starting Has Begun

In early February I began the process of starting some seeds so that I’ll have plants that I can put out in the Spring. I’ll admit that this is very early for seed starting. I’m holding off on planting most of my seeds until March and early April.

Pelleted seeds

However, some seeds need a lot of time to grow. This year I’m growing lisianthus and a dragon winged begonia that each take from 12-16 weeks to go from seeds to nice size plants so I planted them in early February. I ordered both of these flowers from Park Seeds and the seeds were so small that they came pelleted. What that means is that the tiny seeds were each encased in a coating of inert material so that you can sow them more easily. I filled a couple of small containers (a yogurt cup and a container from the deli) with Hoffman Seed Starting Mix (a soiless mix) and watered it a few times until it was moist.

I sowed the pelleted seeds on top of the soiless mix and misted them with water to ensure that the seeds were moist and could germinate. I then put the containers into a larger plastic container with a cover to maintain moisture. This container was then placed on the radiator in my kitchen to provide a little bottom heat.

Begonia Seedlings

I checked the containers each day and misted the surface of the soil if it was getting dry. In about a week the seeds were up and I moved them under flourescent lights that are on about 16 hours a day. The plants are tiny and you need good eyes to see when they’ve germinated. Trust me, there are seedlings in this picture!


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