Pineapple Surprise

Back in December I was at Esbenshade’s Garden Center and they had something I’d never seen before – a miniature pineapple plant. I couldn’t resist getting it, so for the past 2+ months I’ve had a pineapple growing in my kitchen.


Pineapples are members of the bromeliad family. Bromeliads only blossom once and after blossoming, the main plant stops growing and eventually dies. So I knew that in time, after the tiny pineapple (the fruit that developed from the flower) ripened, the plant would die. I was planning to grow another plant by cutting off the leafy crown on top to the pineapple and rooting it in some potting mix.  I’ve tried doing this with store-bought pineapples but have had no luck. However I figured that since this would be a nice healthy cutting that hadn’t been shipping for thousands of miles, it should grow.

Silly me – I’d forgotten that bromeliads love to multiply! Once the plant has finished blossoming – or in this case, has grown a pineapple – the plant will send out a number of offsets. Offsets are small plants that develop at the base of the original plant. When I watered my pineapple today, I saw that the base of the plant had at least three offsets beginning to grow. While I still plan to attempt rooting the top of the pineapple, I’m glad to know that even if that fails, I’ll still have pineapple plants for years to come thanks to the offsets and the pineapple’s natural desire to multiply.

Pineapple Offset


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