Kudos Optimara!

I follow Optimara African Violets on Facebook and was very pleased by one of their most recent posts. It included a picture of an african violet flower, buds and leaves and the parts of the flower and leaf are labeled. (The picture is copied below) There are a lot of people growing african violets but I’m not sure how many of them know the difference between a petiole and a pedicel. This guide makes it easy to identify these and other parts of an african violet plant.


Optimara Guide to Flower Parts

I know this knowledge isn’t vital to growing plants but I believe that when you start to get passionate about gardening, you’ll want to learn the correct terms for the various plant structures. It isn’t always easy to find this information and if you do, it’s usually based on a drawing of a “generic” plant. Since no plant is truly generic, it can be a little tricky to translate this general information to the specific plant that you’re growing. Optimara has given people an easy way to begin to learn the morphology of the african violet and for that, I say kudos!

To learn more about Optimara African Violets, visit their site: http://www.optimara.com/.


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