Curcumas in Bloom

It took some time but the curcuma rhizomes I planted in May have begun to bloom. It’s been an interesting journey to get to this point in time.


I planted the five curcuma rhizomes in a large pot in early May. The instructions that came with the rhizomes had stated that it would take a while for them to start to grow. As a result I also planted a wave petunia in the pot so that there would be some color until the curcuma grew. I’m glad I did this or I would have had a pot of bare soil for weeks!

It took a little over a month before the curcuma sprouted and, while the weather was hot and humid, they grew slowly. One by one leaves emerged until the plants had 4-5 leaves and were about a foot tall. Recently two of the plant have sent up a flower stalk and they’re beginning to bloom.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the flower stalks are very sturdy. We had some strong winds but they didn’t affect the curcuma at all. Also this plant has had no insect damage. I’m looking forward to seeing the blossoms as they open more fully and finding out how long they last.

While the plants are smaller than I had expected, I have a feeling that the rhizomes will be a lot larger next year and that the size and number of blossoms should increase. But even if that isn’t the case, this is certainly an interesting plant and one that you’re not likely to see in many backyards.


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