Snowdrops – Harbingers of Spring

While the calendar still says that it’s winter, one look around the yard and it’s clear that spring is on its way.

The buds of the rose bushes are starting to swell. The spring-flowering bulbs are beginning to poke out of the ground. And one plant is already blossoming – the snowdrop (Galanthus).



This bulb is one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring.  Snowdrops blossom weeks before crocus and other early blooming bulbs.

I planted snowdrop bulbs a few years ago. I had read that these bulbs don’t like to be out of the soil and that many of the bulbs in a bag of snowdrops from a garden center won’t be viable because of being out of the soil for such a long time. I have to say that this was my experience. The first year only one bulb grew and blossomed.

But each year the tiny clump of bulbs is growing – this year I’m up to three blossoms! While these little plants don’t have the visual punch of a tulip or hyacinth, there’s something exciting about looking closely at the garden in late winter and finding a flower in bloom.

Yes, the snowdrops are blossoming so spring can’t be far away.


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