The Tiniest Amaryllis



A few weeks ago I checked on the amaryllis bulbs that I had stored over the winter. I have some large bulbs that had blossomed last year and had grown larger over the summer, reaching about 4-5 inches in diameter. Mixed in with these larger bulbs were offsets (small bulbs that form at the base of the main bulb) that I had separated from the mother bulb in the spring and grown during the summer. Some were a couple of inches and one was about 1.5″ in diameter.

Many of the bulbs had started to sprout and I could see a flower shoot emerging from the top of the bulb. But what amazed me was that some of the small bulbs were showing flower shoots! I had assumed that it would be at least another year of growth before this little bulbs would blossom.

Amaryllis Plants

Amaryllis Plants

When I saw the bulbs with flower shoots, I potted them up and put them into a sunny window. Now a few weeks later I have three amaryllis getting ready to blossom. One bulb is small – under 3″. Another is little – under 2″. The third is just plain tiny – 1.5″. I don’t know how many blossoms these little bulbs will produce but it’s nice to see that my amaryllis propagation is finally paying off.


2 responses to “The Tiniest Amaryllis

  1. I have the same tiny offsets. Can you gice me advice on how to plant them. I have them indoors as I live in the UK in a small pot..but do I put the bulbs half out of the soil like the parent bulb ? or do I put them under the soil. The shoot is long so if i have the bulb near the surface, the off shoot will just trail on the top with nowhere to ground itself. I,m confused. My offsets are TINY..a centimetre diameter but they seem to be full throttle and growing like crazy.

    • Lucy, it sounds like you’ve got some nice offshoots growing. If the offsets are really small, you can certainly plant them into the soil with the tops just sticking out of the soil. Since they’re so small, it doesn’t really matter. After a year or two of growth then you can start planting them like full size amaryllis bulbs but for now just get them into a pot so that they can grow and gain some size. Good luck and hope this helps!

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