Tiny, Small and Medium Amaryllis Bulbs in Bloom

I posted back in February about the three sizes of amaryllis bulbs that were all showing a flower bud. I wasn’t sure what kind of blossoms I’d get from them since they were much smaller than the bulbs I usually have.

009To my surprise, they all blossomed. The medium bulb had two flower stalks with four blooms on each. The small bulb had one stalk with three blooms and the tiny bulb managed to grow one stalk with two blooms.

Once they’ve finished blooming I’ll keep them well watered and fertilized. When there’s no danger of frost, I’ll put them outside in a spot under a tree with dappled sunlight. This will give the bulbs a chance to grow and get ready to blossom again next year.

If they were this small and blossomed this well, I can only imagine what they’ll look like next year.


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