Parrot Tulips and Tulips in a Pot

I know I’ve posted a lot of photos lately but what can I say – there’s a lot of things to take pictures of right now!

On March 5th I posted “Tulips in a Pot” where I wrote about a trick I learned from P. Allen Smith to provide tulip bulbs with a cool period and then plant them directly into pots. Here’s a photo of the tulips in a pot this year.


Also the parrot tulips have started to bloom. I just love these flowers. Instead of the elegance of a Darwin tulip, parrot tulips have a wildness about them that’s appealing to me. The photos show how bright these flowers are. This is their real color – no Photoshop adjustments on these photos! I also like to get in close with a wide aperture and focus on different parts of the flowers, throwing the other areas out of focus. Parrot tulips are worth growing for the crazy burst of color that they provide in the garden.

Even the Pistil of a Parrot Tulip is Curved and Twisted

Even the Stigma of a Parrot Tulip is Curved and Twisted!





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