R.I.P. Curcuma


Last year I made a number of posts about the curcuma plants that I grew in a container. While this is an unusual plant, it grew great and the inflorescences lasted for a long time. Sometimes you try something new and it’s OK. Sometimes it’s a bust. And other times it’s a hit – that was the curcuma.

I was really looking forward to seeing what it would do this year after a year of growth and a chance to develop strong, healthy rhizomes. Unfortunately, the curcuma rhizomes are all dead.

At the end of the season I took the pot of curcuma and put it in an unheated garage, leaving the rhizomes in the soil that they’d grown in all summer. This way of overwintering plants has always worked for calla lilies, canna and even amaryllis. But I guess the curcuma is a little more sensitive to cold temperatures than these other plants.

img_3338 copyAfter putting the pot outside, I dug around a little to see how the rhizomes had overwintered. At first I’d thought they’d be OK but as time went on, they went from being firm to being little balls of mush.

It’s too late to order cucuma rhizomes now so I’ll  have to wait to grow them next year. When that season is over, I’ll leave the pot in the garage for a while but when the weather turns cold, it’ll be going into the basement for the rest of the winter.

I’m not one who gets sentimental when a plant dies but I am going to miss the curcuma. Oh well, at least I learned something about overwintering this amazing plant.


2 responses to “R.I.P. Curcuma

  1. These curcumas are amazing. I started them in one spot years ago and have them now in many areas of my yard.I know about rhizomes but these pop up so far away from original plantings and I cannot figure out how they get there.. I live in Florida and they are in full bloom now. Just love them. The leaves get very tall and I need to cut them back in some areas where they take over.

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