Crockett Converted Me into a Green Bean Lover

When it comes to green beans, they’ve never been one of my favorite vegetables. I was happy to eat them if they were young and fresh, i.e., cooked within a few hours of picking. But if they’d gotten too big before picking or had been in the refrigerator for a day or two, forget it. To me, the taste was gone and they were only good for the compost bin.

I’ve grown bean every year because another family member likes them but I’ve been trying different varieties over the years to see if there was one that really excited me. I have to say that I’ve found that bean and its name is Crockett.

Crockett Green Bean (From Harris Seed Web Site)

Crockett Green Bean
(From Harris Seed Web Site)

Crockett is a bush filet variety of green bean, sometimes called haricots verts, French for green beans. These beans are more slender than snap beans and, in my opinion, the taste just can’t compare. While some haricots verts can get stringy if they get too big, I’ve not noticed a problem with Crockett. Also the color of these beans is like nothing I’ve ever seen before – they’re the darkest green beans I’ve ever seen and cooking them just makes the color darker!

The other thing that makes this bean a keeper is the fact that even if the beans are kept in the refrigerator for a few days, they still taste as if they were just picked.

Crockett grows like any other green bean. The seeds are smaller than snap bean seeds but I’ve never had a problem with germination. The bush-size plants can get a little top-heavy but that’s a small price to pay for this amazing bean. I made a number of sowings of this bean and the late July planting has produced the best.

While I may try some other filet bean varieties in the future, I can safely say that Crockett has become a staple in my garden. It grows well, it produces a lot of beans and the beans it produces are the best I’ve ever eaten. Thanks to this variety, I can now say I’m a green bean lover – as long as the green bean is Crockett!



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  1. I agree!!

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