Help! What Are These Flowers???

In the last post I showed some of the tropical flowers that I photographed and was able to ID with a little bit of searching on the internet. However, there were a few plants that are mysteries to me. If you can identify any of these plants, please comment, letting me know what their names (common and\or scientific) might be. While I like photographing plants, I never feel I’m finished until I know what it is that I photographed! Your help will be greatly appreciated!

No Longer a Mystery Spider Lily (Crinum) Species is still up for grabs - possibly japonicum or asiaticum)

No Longer a Mystery!
Spider Lily (Crinum) species is still up for grabs – possibly japonicum or asiaticum)

Mystery Plant #2

Mystery Plant #2

Mystery Plant #3

Jatropha integerrima (Thanks to Mike W for identifying this plant)

Mystery Plant #4

Thryallis (Thanks to Mike W for identifying this plant)



7 responses to “Help! What Are These Flowers???

  1. The first one may be Peruvian Lily? Sorry, I can’t help much, but they’re pretty and I’ll see if I can look around the internet for help.

    • Angie, Thanks for checking. Actually, I stumbled across the first one by chance yesterday – you were close! It’s some species of spider lily (Crinum). Hopefully I’ll figure out what the others are…

  2. Wish I could help.Nice photos! td

  3. Mystery plant #3 appears to be Jatropha – not sure which one though – the pic shows too little foliage and odd color tone to the flowers

    Mystery plant # 4 is Thryallis – a shrub commonly used in Florida landscaping.

    • Thanks so much Mike – your identifications were right on the money! After searching the various Jatrophas, I came to the conclusion that the one I saw was J. integerrima. Thanks again – all my gardening experience has been in the northeast and midwest so I was having a lot of trouble IDing these tropical plants; your Florida experience was a great help. Marc

  4. I could be wrong but it appears to me that mystery plant #2 is some type of geranium. The leaves and flower heads sure seem to be.

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