Agastache Varieties for the 2014 Garden

Last year I wrote the post Agastache – A Plant I Really Want to Like!, describing the anise hyssop plant (Agastache foeniculum) that I have growing in the garden. This plant is ignored by the rabbits and it attracts a ton of pollinators. The problem is that it’s ugly!

I checked some garden centers to see if there were other varieties of agastache that looked better but I couldn’t find any plants that caught my eye. So this year I looked online and found a number of varieties of agastache that were available as seeds.

Swallowtail Garden Seeds had eleven different varieties. I ordered three of them to see how they would grow. One is a hybrid variety and the other two are different species of agastache. While all of these plants are perennials, the varieties I ordered are supposed to bloom the first year if they’re started inside during the late winter.

Arcado Pink Agastache

Arcado Pink Agastache


The first variety is Arcado Pink (Agastache x hybrida), a 2′ high plant with pink blossoms that’s hardy here in zone 6 but can be grown as an annual anywhere. (Note – all the pictures come from the Swallowtail Garden Seeds website)




Apache Sunset Agastache

Apache Sunset Agastache


The next is Apache Sunset (Agastache rupestris), another 2′ high plant with blossoms that are shades of peach, orange and rose. This plant is said to be longer lived than other agastache and the leaves have a root beer scent!




Tango Agastache

Tango Agastache



The final variety is Tango (Agastache aurantiaca), a 14″ plant with orange blossoms.





I planted these seeds about a week ago and was pleased how quickly they germinated. Within a few days I was moving them off of the radiator (my version of a heat mat) and placing them under fluorescent lights.

I’m not sure how these plants will do in the garden but if they’re able to combine the rabbit resistance and the pollinator attraction of the anise hyssop with a prettier flower, they’ll be keepers. I’ll let you know how my agastache trial goes!



2 responses to “Agastache Varieties for the 2014 Garden

  1. I also bought agastache from Swallowtail seed. I planted mine, astello indigo, on 12/26. Today is 1/9 and they sill have NOT germinated. Should I be patient or replant the second half of seed that I saved?

    • Sorry for the delay – I’ve been away from the site for awhile. I hope you had some luck with germination. I didn’t have any problem with germination when I grew them.

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