Agastache Update

In the beginning of the month I planted three different kinds of agastache to try out some new varieties of this plant in the garden.

Agastache Seedings

Agastache Seedings

This plant is in the mint family so I knew the seeds would germinate quickly. What surprised me is that each variety took a different length of time to germinate. The conditions were all the same but the pot of Arcado Pink germinated in three days, Apache Sunset germinated two days later and the last to germinate, Tango, needed two more days.

I’d been growing the plants in small yogurt cups under fluorescent lights. They all growing quickly so I knew  it was time to transplant them into trays in which they’ll remain until I plant them outside.

Agastache Seedlings

Agastache Seedlings

The biggest surprise was when I pulled the Apache Sunset plants apart. As soon as I did, I was hit with a wave of scent that smelled like root beer! The packet of seeds had said that these plants had a root beer scent but I didn’t know how powerful it would be. Also when I took one Tango plant and crushed it between my fingers, a strong smell of licorice was released. I’ll be able to tell these two varieties apart easily by just smelling the leaves.

ag5Here’s hoping that the local rabbits don’t like either root beer or licorice!


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