The Slowest Spring

I find that recently I haven’t had much inspiration to post on this blog. I’m not sure what that’s all about but I think part of it has to do with the weather – at least that seems like a good excuse!

Oak in Bloom

Oak in Bloom

After a cold and long winter, spring has come but it’s taking it’s time to fully arrive. There have only been a couple of days in the 70’s and the nights have been cool. All the plants in the garden seem to be in slow motion. I’ve only had to mow the lawn a few times; the perennials are just coming out of their winter dormancy; asparagus is just now ready to be cut.

A local garden writer whose ideas and opinions I respect posted that we’re about three weeks behind where we usually are at this time of the year. That seems about right – it feels more like mid-April than early May.

Now I know this will change. The forecast for the coming days does show a bit of a warm up and it looks like we’re past the point of having any more frost. But I’m still holding off on planting a lot of things, especially vegetables. While the onions and lettuce are doing well, the soil is still too cold to plant beans and summer squash. I could plant peppers and tomatoes but I know that if I did, they’d just sit in the ground waiting for warmer weather.

So I’m taking my time with planting and letting Mother Nature be the one who decides when I can plant the rest of the garden. It might be a while but the time will come.


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