Close Up Photo Surprises

In reviewing the close up photos that I’d taken in recent day, I was surprised by what some of these pictures showed.

sunflower1 sunflower2These two pictures of sunflower buds look like some sort of otherworldly aliens. Who would have thought that a bright sunflower blossom begins as such a strange bud?

mand 1When I got down to eye level with a mandevilla blossom, I didn’t expect to see a starburst pattern at the base of the corolla tube (the tube formed by the fused petals of a trumpet-shaped flower). I can’t say for sure but I would imagine this pattern is used by the plant to attract pollinators deep into the flower where the pistil and stamen are hiding.


This final picture surprised me most of all. This is a photo of a female tuberous begonia flower. Who knew that the stigmas of the begonia are spiraled like a corkscrew?

These photographs just show that the closer you get to plants, the more amazing they are!



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