Twisted Corn

This year I decided to try growing one of the newer “supersweet” varieties of sweet corn. The seeds of 7002R (I guess they haven’t gotten around to properly naming this variety yet!) came from Harris Seeds. The supersweet seeds tend to be small and very shriveled making them a little weaker when they’re germinating. Because of this it’s recommended that you not plant them too deeply and wait until the soil has warmed to at least 60-65° F.

7002R Corn

7002R Corn

I waited until Memorial Day to plant the 7002R seeds. They germinated quickly and have been growing well. I was a little nervous when I noticed that some of the plants were tasseling before the silks had emerged but when the silks were present and ready to be pollinated there was plenty of pollen being released by the tassels.

There’s only been one small problem with the corn. It’s planted in the northwest corner of the garden and has gotten the full blast of some of the summer storms that we’ve had. A number of the stalks have been snapped off in the middle while others are bent over and partially uprooted.

IMG_8774There are a few reasons for this. I think I planted the corn a little close together so the plants are a bit crowded. This doesn’t seem to be affecting the ears but it may have made the plants less stable in the soil. But the biggest reason for this damage is also one of the reasons that the corn’s doing so well – we’ve had a lot of rain this year. Just as a tree in wet ground is more likely to topple in a wind storm, the same is true for corn. Moist soil makes plants less stable when they’re blasted by the wind.

The good news is that while the corn looks a little twisted, it’s still growing well. The ears are starting to fill and in the next couple of weeks I should be harvesting some 7002R supersweet corn. I’ll then be able to tell if this new kind of corn is really better than the old sweet corn varieties.


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