Supersweet Corn 7002R

Last year I experimented with one of the newer varieties of corn that are said to be sweeter than the traditional sweet corn. “Bodacious” grew well and tasted good but I wasn’t that impressed with it.

Supersweet Corn 7002R

Supersweet Corn 7002R

This year I tried the supersweet variety 7002R from Harris Seeds. I have to say that this corn is a keeper. The corn grew well and yielded enough ears to do some freezing. But there are two things in particular that have sold me on this variety.

The first is how easy it is to clean the ears of corn. I’ve always found that while the husks are easy to remove, the silks are a pain in the *#&! It seems like not matter how hard you try, there are always silks sticking to the ear.

Not so with 7002R. As soon as you remove the husk, the silk just falls away. I’ve never seen corn that was so easy to clean.

The other thing that I like about this corn is that because of its high sugar content, the ears store very well. Older varieties need to be eaten within a day or they begin to taste like field corn.

I was shocked to find that 7002R can sit in the refrigerator for a week and when you cook it, it tastes like it just came from the garden. I can understand why these supersweet corn varieties are marketed to growers; their shelf life is amazing.

7002R - small tassels growing from the tip of the ears.

7002R – small tassels growing from the tip of the ears.

The one interesting thing that I found with this corn is that most of the ears had a tiny tassel starting to grow at the tip. This must be some genetic fluke that causes the ears to become hermaphroditic. It certainly doesn’t affect the corn but it’s a strange trait of 7002R.

While corn isn’t my favorite vegetable, I think 7002R has found a place in future gardens. It grows well, it tastes good and it stores unlike any corn I’ve ever seen.



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