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I’ll Have a Pink Christmas… Visions of Grandeur

IMG_9031My favorite thing about the holidays is poinsettias. There’s something about this seasonal flower that amazes me. What I especially like is the variety of poinsettias that are available.

It used to be that poinsettias were red – period. Then white and pink appeared. Now most garden centers offer at least four or five other colors or combinations. Many also offer white poinsettias that are sprayed blue or purple and covered with glitter. These adulterated plants just seem wrong to me but someone must be buying them! In searching the internet I was surprised to see that growers/breeders like Ecke offer a multitude of different varieties of poinsettias. I haven’t seen many of them, but this year I saw one that stopped me in my tracks.

IMG_9023You’ll often find me strolling the greenhouses of garden centers, looking to see if they have something new or different. As I walked through Esbenshade’s greenhouse, I was shocked to see a poinsettia that I’d never seen before. It was pink, but unlike others, it was a light “baby girl” pink. The plants were large with light green leaves. When I looked closely, I noticed that some of the plants had two or three inflorescences at the top of a single stem and this gave the poinsettia the look of being a double bloom.

IMG_9025Now I know pink isn’t the color you associate with the holidays but this plant is a knock out. (Maybe they should grow them to bloom at Valentine’s Day or for Easter.) The plant wasn’t labeled so I didn’t know its name. I just know I liked it.

Come to find out, the flower shop I work at is getting a shipment of this poinsettia next week. Its name is Visions of Grandeur. While Visions of Grandeur is new to me, Ecke released this variety back in 2005. It just took nine years for a local grower to produce it and for me to find it.

Who knows what new poinsettias will be available next year? All I know is that for Christmas 2014, forget visions of sugarplums; for me, it’s Visions of Grandeur!