The Strange Weather Continues

Given the warm weather in May, I was able to plant the garden a lot earlier than usual. Things were growing well, but then it occurred – May 23 we had a frost. That’s unheard of in this area, but it happened.

It was the beginning of Memorial Day weekend and I could tell that some of the plants in the vegetable garden had been affected.

The strange part is how isolated the frost was. In a small row of beans, most of them were fine except for the plants at one end of the row. A couple of peppers were nipped, but plants right next to them were unaffected. It looked as if there was a small strip of the garden that got frost while the rest didn’t.

Frost Nipped Summer Squash

Frost Nipped Summer Squash

The only plants that looked really bad were the summer squash and cucumbers. The squash has since recovered. It appears that the outer leaves were the only parts affected. The cucumbers, however, were done; I needed to replant them. That’s probably because they were really small and happened to be right in the middle of the swath of frost.

The other issue has been the lack of rain. After a dry May, we just had 3+ inches of rain and the ground is now plenty moist. But with the rain came a change in the weather. Temperatures went from the mid-80’s to the middle 50’s. The broccoli and lettuce are loving it but the peppers and tomatoes – not so much!

If this bizarre weather continues for the growing season of 2015, it could be a very interesting year in the garden.


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