I chose the title of this blog in honor of Doc and Katy Abraham, the hosts of “The Green Thumb,” a long running radio program on WHAM in Rochester, NY. Growing up, I listened to them every Saturday as they shared ideas, tips and solutions to problems for gardeners. In this blog I hope to share my passion for plants and gardening as well.

I have been gardening all of my life so I have a lot of successes and failures under my belt. In college I studied plant genetics and I still love the science behind growing plants. I have studied and worked in floral design so you can expect some tips on cut flowers. I also enjoy taking pictures and plan to share them here. The posts on this site will cover a range of topics: vegetables, annual and perennial flowers, herbs, houseplants, trees and shrubs, insects, diseases, propagation and more. I live in south central PA (zone 6) and the weather here will determine when I will be doing various gardening tasks.

Hope you enjoy  The Green Thumb 2.0!



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    • Thank you so much! I especially liked you’re take on these awards. I will be accepting but it’s going to take some time. That post isn’t going to flow as easily as one of my botany/gardening ones do! I have to do some serious thinking about what to write and who to nominate.
      Thanks again and keep up the good blogging…

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